5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling Over Charcoal

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A lot of grilling mistakes early on might encourage you to shift towards gas grilling. Hang on, as you can easily get to know the ways to avoid some of these grilling mistakes. A charcoal grill is an essential tool for every kitchen. At times, you might begin cooking before letting the charcoal properly heat up.

There is a simple twist to the taste – food grilled over charcoal tastes much better (as compared to gas grills). Read on to know about common grilling mistakes people usually make when starting grilling.

All About the Grill Technique

Prepare the charcoal grills for a light sizzle, instead of using gas grills. If you cook unevenly, it would become less palatable. Continue heating for short intervals. Before you start cooking, you should know when to add food and how much time the smaller bits take to cook completely.

Chicken and other forms of meat need constant flipping at small time intervals (flipping a chicken breast is comparatively easier). If you wish to grill a whole chicken, patience is the key. Hot dogs take even longer. Fish fillets are the easiest.

Tender veggies might burn too soon. The most difficult task is to prevent broccoli from burning. As per the recipe, place the preheating content first. Make sure the grilled bacon is served hot. Desserts and potatoes do not need more than five minutes on the grill.

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling Over Charcoal

Do not turn the meat immediately and let it cook properly

Firstly, the pieces should be organised on the grill base. Arrange them in decreasing order of size, prior to the cooking time. Cleaning the residues is equally important. Cooking steaks is the lengthiest part. It will turn out to be more flavorful as compared to steak cooked in ovens.

Do not forget to control the grill vents

Controlling the vents is a skill to be mastered. A convenient way to control them is to focus on the angles. If the grill vents are left closed, the veggies and meat might burn too soon. Nowadays, weber grills provide many more options.

Do not place the grill grates without oiling

At times, old food bits are caked on food. This might stick to the cooking area. To prevent this, remember to oil the grates properly layer by layer. You can even wipe it using paper towels but do not leave any paper towel in. Layer the sauce after this step.

Do not begin unless you are absolutely ready

Gather all the ingredients at one place, near the grill. Do not search for recipes after the coal is lit. If there is drippage, use an old newspaper in place of a huge amount of tissues.

Sort the marinade in advance. A little trial might help you out. Keep the plate and skewer in place so that you can cover easily. Do not forget to take out the seasoning.

Do not use a lot of lighter fluid

Lighter fluid is essential for lighting a grill, but excessive quantity is forbidden. Stay vigilant while using lighter fluid as they catch up fire too early. The best way to light a grill is to stack the charcoal briquettes and then pour in the lighter fluid before letting the food rest on the grates.

Make sure the aluminum foil stays away from direct heat. Firing constantly is worthless. Try to use a longer match stick.

Some pro tips

  • Pack lesser newspaper in the chimney
  • Put the coals in after they are ignited fully
  • Remember to preheat the grill before spreading the coals
  • Prepare multiple fire setups for multiple tasks before beginning charcoal grilling
  • Begin cooking only after clearing the mess, if the cooking grates are sticking
  • Make sure your grill is not left wider open
  • Break the habit of lifting the lid all the time
  • Cook meat for more time
  • Be careful regarding the chimney starter
  • Do not exhaust all the coals, as it is one of the most common grilling mistakes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to light coals?

Use a chimney starter and a small amount of lighter fluid. Take good care of the propane tank as well. Stack the coals in advance. Collect all the equipment when you have to host a barbecue.

Should you keep the lid closed when heating charcoal?

No. Vents should be adjusted so that the lid is half-open to allow proper ventilation. Vents control the smoke production while smoking different types of foods. Charcoal grilling leaves the surroundings much more hot.

How much charcoal is required to maintain the grill’s temperature?

This depends on the number of cooking zones. The amount of charcoal used increases if you wish to create two different temperature zones for grilling meat and vegetables respectively. Keep this in mind next time you host a dinner.

Is preheating the grill important for grilling beef?

Yes, luckily you can grill if you preheat before placing the food bits. Do not forget to remove the old food bits. You also need to take care of this step while using a gas grill. In case you are too hungry and cannot wait for the barbecue to heat up, use a gas grill. If you preheat too much, the food will become inedible. Summer grilling does not require you to preheat often.

Conclusion: Embrace the grilling season without any mistake

If you are new to charcoal grills, you might be a bit unsure regarding what to do. This guide is apt for helping you ace any weekend party by serving grilled food. Even if you make a small mistake, keep track as coal burns hotter than gas grills.

Abide by the tips even if you use public grills, and keep all the common grilling mistakes at bay. for Avoid using a metal brush or any other brush which retains high heat while you add food to the grill grate.

Cook different foods as per your taste and enjoy eating hot grilled food (do not forget to take a photo). Share the ideas with your friends as well.

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