How Heavy is a Kamado Joe Grill?

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Weights and Dimensions of Kamado Joe Grills

  Weight Width Height Depth
Big Joe I 352 lbs. 58.1” 52.6” 36.8”
Big Joe II 372 lbs. 58.375” 53.625” 35.75”
Big Joe II without Cart 371 lbs. 32” 37.5” 36.25”
Big Joe III 487 lbs. 58.4” 53.7” 35.8”
Classic Joe I 200.2 lbs. 46.5” 48.5” 30.12”
Classic Joe II 232 lbs. 46.5” 48” 28”
Classic Joe II without Cart 188 lbs. 25.75” 33.88” 30.88”
Classic Joe III 262.5 lbs. 46.5” 50.5” 30”
Classic Joe III without Cart 225.1 lbs. 22.4” 35.6” 30”
Joe Jr 68 lbs. 19.75” 27” 20.75”

In the rest of the article, we are going to look at how to differentiate between the various series of grills from Kamado Joe and the models within them so that you can find out which is the one that is best suited for you.

Which Size Kamado Joe Grill Should You Get?

Kamado Joe have three main series of grills of different sizes, and these are suitable for different scenarios. Within each of these series, the individual models themselves have different sizes, but what each model within the same series has in common with the others is the width of the firebox.

The Big Joe series of grills is the largest, with each model within the series having a cooking surface that is 24 inches in diameter. If you are going to be grilling for large gatherings, sprawling house parties, public functions, or anything of the sort, the massive firebox that the Big Joe series offers will be the one that is best suited for your needs.

If you do not need a grill for quite such extravagant events, then the Classic Joe series may be more for you. The models in this series have 18 inch ceramic cooking surfaces, which is still a nice, big size, but not quite as huge as the Big Joe grills. A Classic Joe grill would be well suited to family barbecues or gatherings of smaller groups of friends.

Unlike the grills in the other two series, which are designed primarily for grilling for a crowd, the Joe Jr grill is ideal for a couple, a small family with children, or a tight knit group of friends. Because of its very small size and weight, it makes for a great sidekick if you are going out camping or having a day out in the woods.

Which Big Joe Grill Should You Get?

There are three grills in the Big Joe series. All of them have 24 inch cooking surfaces, come with a lifetime warranty, include an ash tool and a grill gripper, have ash drawers that slid out, and come with the thermometers built in. There are a few subtler differences, however, that may make all the difference to which one you choose to get.

Big Joe II

The Big Joe II has a few advantages over the Big Joe I. The first is with the hinges, which are upgraded to air lift hinges over the standard ones that you would get on the Big Joe I.

The second difference is in the vent. The Big Joe II comes with Kamado Joe’s Kontrol Tower top vents, which is better at managing airflow so that you can keep that consistent temperature. This is an upgrade over the regular cast iron top vent in the Big Joe I.

The final difference is in the gasket. The Big Joe II comes with a wire mesh fiberglass gasket that is significantly more durable and reliable than the ordinary felt gasket that the Big Joe I is equipped with.

Big Joe III

The Big Joe III has all of the upgrades that the Big Joe II comes with, plus a few more. The biggest difference here is the cooking capacity. Although the Big Joe III still has a firebox width of 24 inches like the other two models in the series, it is designed for you to be able to cook over 3 tiers rather than only 2.

This bump in capacity makes the Big Joe III the biggest grill that Kamado Joe offer, in terms of weight, size, and cooking capacity. If you will need to be grilling for as many people as possible, this is the grill to go for.

The Big Joe III also comes with a premium cart, making transport easier. This is necessary feature considering this grill weighs over 100 lbs. more than the Big Joe II, which itself is the second heaviest.

The last two bonuses that are included with the Big Joe III are the Teflon-coated hyperbolic insert and stainless steel charcoal basket.

Which Classic Joe Grill Should You Get?

As we learned earlier, the Classic Joe series of grills from Kamado Joe are a great intermediate option between giant crowds and tiny groups, but there are differences between the three models offered within the Classic Joe series. These differences line up with the differences between the models in the Big Joe series but adapted for the 18 inch fireboxes that all Classic Joe grills share.

Classic Joe II

The Classic Joe II has upgraded hinges, offering air lift hinges rather than the standard ones with the Classic Joe I. It also has Kamado Joe’s Kontrol Tower top vent to keep cooking temperatures nice and consistent, the wire mesh fiberglass gasket instead of the ordinary felt one that comes with the Classic Joe I.

Classic Joe III

The Classic Joe III benefits the most from the cooking system, which is in 3 tiers, 1 higher than the other grills in the series. It also comes with the premium cart for easier movement, a charcoal basket, a hyperbolic insert, and all of the upgrades that the Classic Joe II has over the Classic Joe I.


When asking how heavy is a Kamado Joe grill, we can see that it depends on exactly what model you get. The Joe Jr, which is the smallest model, weighs a humble 68 lbs., while the heaviest, the Big Joe III, clocks in at a mammoth 487 lbs.

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