How To Use A Grilling Stone? (The Correct Way!)

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You can use a grilling stone that offers a portable cooking surface in several ways. Some of these are:

  • Placing the grill stone directly on the grill. 

  • Granite stone is used for barbecuing. 

  • Lava rock slab. 

  • Stone grills on the floor. 

Stone grilling is a unique and one of the best ways to host an exciting barbecue night as you can incorporate many different ingredients that everyone enjoys. You can also get imaginative with the food by considering your rock table for your favorite fish and meat. 

The grilling stone is excellent for festive parties such as New Year and Christmas. From preparing small to large portions of meat, you can also put variations in the serving size and ingredients.

This article will share how to use a grilling stone, how to grill pizza on a granite grill stone, how to maintain your granite stone grill, and how grilling stones are used for grilling your favorite foods.

How Do You Use a Grilling Stone When Placing It Directly On The Grill? 

You can make your favorite barbecue recipe on a grilling stone. Suppose, if you are in a mood to prepare kebabs using grilling stone, follow the given instructions:

  • First, prepare the kebabs and preheat the barbecue. 

  • Then, using fresh ingredients and spices, load up your kebabs onto the skewers, alternating flavors, and textures.

  • Put the skewers in the provided notches. To make your kebabs tastier, brush them with oil and aromatic spices or herbs mixture, especially if they become a bit too charred. 

  • You can keep your space filled with other cookable ingredients, such as burger patties, if you don’t cook eight or more kebabs at one time. 

  • Now place the grill stone on the charcoal or gas barbecue grill. 

  • Ensure to provide an even spread out of the heat in the case of a charcoal barbecue. 

  • Flip the skewers over, applying oil as needed.

  • When you see the food is cooked nicely, directly serve the grill stone on the table, using an insulating mat below it as the stone will be hot. This will keep the food hot longer while you enjoy the meal.

How Do You Use Granite Stone As A Grilling Stone? 

A grilling stone is a simple and easy-to-use portable cooking surface used for barbecuing. It is made up of stone such as granite, ceramic, or, nowadays, salt. 

Using a granite stone for grilling is the most affordable, easy, and delicious way to make and enjoy your favorite recipes. Below is how you can buy and use granite stone grills. 

Where Can I Buy Granite Grill? 

It can be a breeze to buy granite. An in-person or online search for granite stones can help you find a slab precisely of the size and design you need. 

Most suppliers and retailers selling natural stones are also fans of granite. As a result, they sell granite stones at relative prices.

What Size My Grilling Stone Should Be? 

Granite or grill stone slabs with width 12 to 14 inches and length 8 to 10 inches are ideal and best fits for your grills or even your ovens. However, larger granite slides or other stone grills may become too heavy for you to carry to the table or the next room. 

To prevent some typical wear and tear on the countertop, granite distributors usually use sealants to protect the stones. To get your ideal stone grill, search for a chemical-free granite slab. But in case you have already bought a sealant slab, you should heat it for two to three hours at 400 degrees in the oven before you use it for cooking. 

How Do You Use Granite Stone To Cook? 

Granite is an excellent temperature absorbent which means that it absorbs temperature quickly.

You would have noticed your granite is cool to touch, just like other natural stones. So it may seem counterproductive to use a cold stone to grill your food, however, it can heat to an incredibly high temperature if given enough time. When using granite for cooking in the grill or oven, keep it in mind to heat the granite slab properly. 

Heat the granite stone for at least twenty to thirty minutes on a grill before you start grilling. This implies both charcoal and propane grills. 

What Temperature Can Granite Withstand? 

Granite can easily stand by temperatures greater than 400 degrees and is unlikely to become damaged or broken.

How Do You Use a Lava Rock Slab?

An intricately designed granite lava rock slab is ideal to use as a grilling stone. It is tiny and easily moveable. You can place them right on the grill and prepare different ingredients, whether vegetables, meat, or even fish.

This grill stone choice is excellent in usefulness, economics, and availability. 

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How Do You Use Stone Grills On The Floor? 

Creating a stone grill in the floor dates back to several cultures of aboriginal periods where this cookery technique was the most preferred stone grill choice for preparing stone fire dinner. You can also experiment with this stone grilling technique: 

  • To make a floor pit, you will have to obtain gravel (egg-sized) and dry driftwood. Then, excavate a gap of two to three feet, initially line it with rocks, and secondly timber. 

  • Burn wood in the pit and clean out the ash that is leftover.

  • Your pit is ready to grill now. 

  • You can add a seaweed coating for extra ash safety if you prefer it.

How Do I Grill Pizza On A Stone Grill? 

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Below are some techniques and tips that will help you grill your perfect pizza on a grilling stone:

  1. Granite grill stones are the best choice for grilling pizza. 

  2. Heat your granite stone slab to get started with the process.

  3. Roll the pizza dough on a clean and cool surface such as a granite countertop or a marble cutting board. 

  4. Use a slight flour dusting to make the dough less sticky, allowing you to roll it on the board.

  5. Place the dough on a wooden or metal pizza peel, brush the metal with olive oil and place your favorite toppings. 

  6. Wait till the stone slab is appropriately warmed. 

  7. Place the pizza carefully onto the granite. 

  8. Close the lid of the grill. 

  9. Let it cook for about ten to twelve minutes. 

  10. Keep a close eye on your pizza, ensuring it is not over-cooking or becoming burnt. Open the lid until the dough is cooked thoroughly if you see any charring. 

  11. Your grilled pizza is ready. Serve it hot with a side dish.

How Do You Maintain Your Granite Stone Grill? 

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Cleaning granite is easy, just follow these steps:

  • When you see the slab is completely cooled down, remove it from the oven or grill. 

  • Run water on the slab, handwashing any residue off. 

  • Do not use any dishwashing soap on it. 

  • Clean it with a delicate sponge or a paper towel. 

  • To sanitize your slab, make a solution of a 50/50 ratio of water and isopropyl alcohol. Spray this solution on the slab and wipe it down with a paper towel.

  • Store your granite stone grill in a safe place where it won’t get knocked over or be a hazard.

  • You can store your granite slab near your cutting boards for easy access whenever you need it next time. 

  • You can make your granite grill stone your go-to grilling tool as you’ll always get a hot cooking surface and even temperature, whether you are cooking pizza, vegetables, fish, or any other ingredient!

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