5 Types Of Grills: A Guide To Choose The Best Grill For You

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Grilling can be a hobby, fantasy, or a desire to be fulfilled, especially during grilling seasons. We all know that there are several sources through which we can undertake grilling. Each of these heating sources has its own set of pros and cons that could even influence the flavor, texture, and smell of your food.

Here, in this article, we have listed different grills along with their advantages and disadvantages. This would let you take a closer look at all the necessary points to be taken care of while choosing a grill.

1. Charcoal Grills

Royal Gourmet CC1830SC Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker with Cover, 801 Square Inches, Black, Outdoor Camping

Charcoal grills have been the best picks for outdoor parties and camping. It comes with an easy-to-use design, and its users are quite impressed by the smoky flavor the grill produces. Almost all charcoal grills operate with multiple similarities. The grill comes with an air intake system near its bottom that can be adjusted manually by the user. When air reaches inside the unit, it crosses the lit charcoal and moves out via an additional vent designed at the grill’s top. So basically, the more amount of air enters/exits the grill, the more it gets heated up.

Its functioning might sound similar to that of the wood-burning stove. However, one of its numerous advantages is that the air intake and exhaust are adjustable, and this provides an excellent temperature consistency while cooking. Interestingly, charcoal grills come in different sizes, shapes, and many features that extend the product’s life. Some brands also offer access to mobile apps, allowing you to work with your cooking companion with self-preferred customizations effortlessly.

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2. Charcoal Kettle Grills

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

Kettle grills are one of the most commonly used types of charcoal grills. As the name suggests, they come in a kettle-shaped design. The unit is easy to use when compared to other grills. It comprises a rounded bottom, grill gates, a removable lid, and a stand.

Charcoal is placed on the bottom side of the grill. The small grate tends to allow ash and cooking waste to fall off the area. This also ensures an even airflow that is necessary to grill over the coals.

Kettle grills are portable since they are made up of metal and are comparatively light in weight than other relative products. However, one of its significant boons is that they use very little charcoal, which makes your cooking sessions easy, joyful, and effortless. These charcoal grills come in different sizes from which you can make your choice as per your requirements. Picking a kettle grill over other high-end models can be a smart move if you look for an affordable and durable product.

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3. Kamado Grills

Char-Griller 06620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Red

Kamado grills are often referred to as ‘egg grills’ or ceramic smokers. However, they are usually thought to be a more sophisticated sort of charcoal grills. These grills have swirled in utmost popularity over the past few years. They primarily work by the principles of kettle grills with a few distinct features. Its design gives it a more elevated shape that resembles the silhouette of an egg. Kamado grills are made up of a thick ceramic material that makes them heavier in weight than charcoal kettle grills. They mostly weigh between 150 to 500 pounds.

Just like the airflow process in other grills, the amount of air in a Kamado grill is also regulated through the bottom and top. However, temperature changes can be significantly made by even minor adjustments on the grill. Due to its more of an engineered design, it is often preferred over kettle grills. However, you cannot entirely remove its lid due to its heavyweight, and, therefore, it is connected to the bottom side of the unit using spring-loaded hinges.

Its ore-heating period is about 45 minutes to an hour, wherein it uses all-natural, hardwood lump coal and leads to the production of less ash. Some enthusiasts even believe that hardwood lump coal adds excellent flavor to the food. Its heat deflector makes it a practical choice yet again. With its consistent heating action, Kamado grills can also bake delicious cheesecakes and pizzas for your next party.

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4. Pellet Grills

  Z GRILLS ZPG-600D 2021 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control, 573 sq.in. ,Cooking Capacity, Bronze

Pellet grill is not less than a flavorful choice, for it acts both as a grill and a smoker. This brilliant hybrid of the two features has made it one of the best-selling products over the past six years. In addition, it is a convenient cooking appliance if you love to go for longer cooks, including brisket and ribs, wherein your meal will be ready without thorough monitoring.

One of the most appealing features of this grill is that it does not need a power connection throughout the cooking period. As per the temperature you set for your food, burn pot and thermostat function electronically, ensuring the correct temperature is maintained all the time. The best part of cooking with the Pellet grill is that you don’t have to constantly worry about its temperature ranges since there is no need to make adjustments once you’ve set the specifications.

Some of its owners have remarked on its searing or browning capabilities. However, some brands have now improved in that genre and have completely transformed the old perception of using the Pellet grill.

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5. Gas and Propane Grills

Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side Five Burner Gas Grill

Most people enjoy using natural gas and propane grills for outdoor cooking since such grills come with multiple designs and features to choose from. Most importantly, these grills are convenient and easy to operate. In addition, they heat up very fast. Owners also use add-ons and other accessories (side burners, integrated thermometers, lights, etc.) to improve their experience with gas and propane grills. Unlike conventional products, the industry also offers several other gadgets with these grills to make your cooking sessions more joyful.

Such grills usually come with heavy-duty grates, side burners, LED-lit controls, a fuel gauge, dual-fuel valves, and natural gas conversion kit. These elements make the product more versatile for use. Gas and propane grills are one of the most preferred grills for they require the shortest amount of pre-heating period. In addition, these grills can subsequently add extra flavors since the gas burns precisely clean.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Grill for You

If you are a grilling enthusiast and planning to purchase a new grill, you should first know what your grilling style is. Then, enlist the places where you could make its use, look up your lifestyle and fantasies, and chart out a rough idea of the same.

This is not a simple job. Being unsure about which brand to choose and what all features to unlock is normal. But, of course, that’s not just a purchase but an investment for the upcoming grilling seasons.

However, to make choosing a bit easier for you, we have listed a few points that you must keep in mind, so you don’t have to regret it after purchasing.

Must-Have Features

 If you are searching for a perfect grill to rely on, be sure to look up features such as a built-in thermostat, sturdy shelves on the side of the grill, a cover to protect it from dents, and grill burners with approximately 12,000 British thermal units for each burner.

All of these features would assist you and make your cooking quicker and easier. A grill with such advantages could be the best one-time investment with more excellent reliability than other relative units. Therefore, if you find such a perfectly engineered grill, go for it!

Sizes and Cooking Area

Grills come in different sizes as per the needs of the buyers. Firstly, know what you would be expecting from your grill. Keeping that in mind, you can make your choice. For example, a compact-sized grill with add-ons would be easy to operate at outdoor parties. The size of the grill you buy would also resonate with your cooking needs.

Once you pick the perfect size, the cooking area comes along. However, some owners also recommend a larger cooking area to enjoy multiple delicacies with not much effort. Thus, if you plan to organize a grand party, consider buying a grill that offers a greater cooking area.


Portability is directly proportional to the size you choose. Smaller the size, the more the portability. The choice has to be made as per the requirements you’ve set. If you limit your grill’s use to your backyard, you can go for a less portable product too.

However, suppose you are thinking of joyous campsite parties or any other outdoor-based cooking sessions. In that case, you should purchase a grill that comes with equivalent features and small size to ensure mobility so that you don’t have to cringe over its functioning once you break your bank.


Versatility is a measure that would decide how often you would cook over the grill. With greater adaptability, you would yourself become comfortable and won’t limit your hands over those old bland recipes only. Therefore, that seems to be a significant point to be noted and taken care of.

Maintenance and Warranty

 Maintenance ensures the long life of your grill. Storage and cleaning tasks also come under this category. Besides keeping the product safe and covered when you are not using it, it would be best to undertake several other maintenance activities. Therefore, pick a grill that requires limited labor for maintenance.

Most grills already come with a good warranty. Ensure that your product also offers the same (for at least a year). Warranty may not be a priority for some, but it is necessary to go wrong with the unit. After all, it is a machine.


Grills can make an evening with friends and family a deluded memory for the ages – or a disaster. But, of course, this depends upon your choice and understanding of the grills. One can’t just go to a shop or an online app and buy a grill. Before that, there comes a crucial step to learn the points to remember while deciding, for you can’t spend a considerable amount every grilling season, right?

We hope that this guide will be helpful for you to buy an excellent cooking partner. So, when would you throw the next party?

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