10+ Beginner Grilling Recipes [For Vegetarians]

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Grilling is not too difficult if done in sequential order. If you have never tried grill recipes before, here is a complete guide to the easiest recipes. Make sure the temperature is apt, and all the preparations are done well in advance. Begin your journey from a beginner to an advanced grilling expert!

Grilling Recipes for Beginners

1)  Vegan Smoky Mac Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Marinate potato slices of wedges in cheese dip first. The next step is to sprinkle some pepper and oil. Leave it on the grill until golden brown.

2)  Smoked Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The cookies are made up of smoked dark chocolate and smoked salt. These two ingredients make the cookies much more appetizing. Make sure to use only unsalted butter for this recipe. Instead of chocolate, other types of cookies can also be made using the same recipe.

3)  Carrot Hot Dogs

Here is a vegan smoked recipe for all those who are conscious of their meals. Simply replace the sausages with smoked carrots. Use vegan mayo too.

4)  Mushroom & Lentil Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

Mix finely chopped mushrooms and lentils in bolognese sauce. Once the preparation is complete, smoke it to perfection. Beware of poisonous mushrooms.

5)  Smoky-Sweet Collard Greens

Another vegan recipe is right here – place salted collards on the barbeque tray for a sizzling treat. They taste best when served with sweet sauces. Honey is also a good option. 

6)  Grilled Tomato Soup

Boiling tomatoes is too old school now. Blanching is also a quite boring way to go about it. Try a unique recipe this time – grill all the tomatoes before the juicing step. Add lots of salt and black pepper before placing them on the grill. Tomato soup tastes much tangier when made with grilled tomatoes.

7)  Cheese and Herb Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe will prove to be the best evening snack which is easy to make, and the taste is too classy to resist. Choose the bigger-sized mushrooms out of the lot and create cavities by chopping off the stems. Fill them up with creamy cheddar cheese and sprinkle some mixed herbs on the top before grilling. Breadcrumbs surely add an extra crunchiness, so don’t miss them out.

8)  Vegetarian Mushroom Burger With Avocados

Grill all your mushrooms and avocados together before tossing them between the buns. You can even grill the buns. Smoky sauces are also a good alternative as compared to the flat mayo or salsa sauce. Cabbages need extra time on the grill. Serve hot with potato chips and coke. Vegan adaptation is also too easy with this soft and creamy burger.

9)  Sweet and Spicy Paneer Kebabs

Cut square blocks of cottage cheese, also known as paneer in Asian countries. These blocks need to be alternated with chosen veggies and then placed on a stick. Before putting on the grill, do not forget to brush with garlic butter and a combination of the best herbs. Sea salt and paprika make for an enhanced taste.

10)              Grilled Ratatouille

Ever heard of vegetarian ratatouille? Here is an enhanced recipe for the same. The grilled version comes with a lot of customizable options – capsicums, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, or anything of your choice. To make a more flavorful ratatouille, add lots of butter and let it cook slowly. Do not preheat more than the normal limit.

11)              Grilled Eggplant Dip With Toasted Pita

Pita tastes too flat without any dip. For a vegetarian dip, grill whole eggplants for ten to fifteen minutes. This will lead to a more creamy dip. The traditional form is similar to Baba Ghanoush in almost all respects. A complete balance of spices and condiments is essential. If the toasted pita is not a plain one, limit the number of chilies added to the combination of spices.

12)              Grilled Apple Crisp

Sweets make any meal complete. Cut thin, round slices of red apples and spread them on the grill. Once they are done, stack them up like pancakes and add a spoonful of honey or fresh cream. Another way to plate the same is along with ice creams or pastries. Caramel is also preferred by some people. Chocolate syrup, raspberry syrup, strawberry syrup, etc., add the much-needed charm to this delicate dessert.

13)              Grilled Romaine Hearts

The hearts of romaine are too sweet innately. For grilling them, place the pieces at a small distance without meddling with the peelings. Once done, prepare a normal vegetarian salad and add the grilled romaine hearts in the form of sides. Sauces are a must. Vinaigrette is much recommended by the existing chefs as the two complementing flavors go really well with each other.

14)              Grilled Stuffed Chili Rellenos

Make hollow cavities in the chilies for this recipe. For the filling, put lots of cheese in a pan and add small veggies along with your favorite spices. All five types of cheeses can be used for an enhanced taste. Once filled, place back the top cap or let it sit as it is. Do not grill for too long as the chili surface is quite delicate and might curl up soon.


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