How To Grill A Whole Chicken?

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Who doesn’t love eating a perfectly grilled chicken? Nothing is more satisfying than the juicy interiors, delicate legs, and an awesome flavour. Though the end results are much appreciated, a lot goes into grilling a whole chicken. It is a lot more difficult than roasting small pieces. For a better result with each subsequent grill, adhere to the following tips, and you will never falter!

The Best Chicken Grilling Tips

  • Firstly, soak the wood chunks for at least sixty to eighty minutes.
  • Set up the grilling area as per the size of the chicken.
  • For customisable grills, switch on one burner at a time and then increase the heat intensity accordingly.
  • Prepare the chicken by peeling off the skin completely.
  • Spread over the butter mix all across the body of the chicken, including the corners that are a bit difficult to reach.
  • Sprinkle all the spices and condiments after the previous step so that they stick to the body and enhance the flavour.
  • Beware of unclean grilling plates as the residues might stick to the body of the chicken.
  • Attach a drip pan to the lower surface of the grilling plate to prevent a messy grilling experience.
  • Place the semi-ready chicken on the plate in a horizontal fashion.
  • Make sure to keep the body aligned towards the centre of the plate so that heat is distributed equally.
  • Keep both the dampers at 50 degrees for proper maintenance of temperature.
  • Leave it in for at least ninety minutes at the same temperature.
  • To check the chicken, use forks to test the texture on the top and bottom surface.
  • Flip the chicken using tongs.
  • Relish the juicy chicken after it is done completely!

Some Wholesome Recipes To Try

1)   Grilled Spatchcocked Greek Chicken

The specialty of this spatchcocked version is that the backbone is removed. This ensured that grilling is done in a lesser amount of time. But, again, remember to place it flatly.

2)   Grilled Blackened Cajun Chicken

In this case, the seasoning is a winner – lots of paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. Cover it with an extra layer of butter for a more lip smothering taste.

3)   Soy-Garlic-Glazed Cola Can Chicken

Marination is an essential step for this recipe. Make sure to add cola to the marinade. Using a can below the whole chicken body is also a good option.

4)   Slow-Grilled Chipotle Chicken

Slow grilling is the best type of grilling. Salsa can also be used with seasonings. The best way to eat it is with tacos. Indirect heat leads to more profound cooking.

5)   Grilled Bundt-Pan Provencal Chicken with Roasted Potatoes

Place the chicken on the pan in a vertical fashion along with some chopped potatoes. Do not forget to add a lot of seasonings for this specific recipe.

6)   Grilled Whole Porchetta-Style Chicken

Deboning is an essential step for this recipe. Though the whole chicken is grilles by the end, it is suitable for boneless recipes as well. Cutting and slicing can be done even more conveniently.

7)   Grilled Curry Chicken

There is no curry involved in this one. Simply add a large chunk of curry powder to the bowl of spices and condiments. Apply them all over the chicken.

8)   Smoked Whole Chicken with Honey BBQ Sauce

The name makes it clear? It’s that simple in reality as well. Add extra honey if needed. Pour the sauce equally from all sides. Do not forget to install the drip tray.

9)   Lemon and Herbs Grilled Chicken

Love a tangy taste? Go with this delicious recipe. This one is a lot juicier as compared to other variants. Herb butter is a must for enhanced taste.

10)               Beer Can Chicken

Place the chicken vertically over a can and place this setup over the grill tray. Beer can also be used to brush over like butter. This depends on the taste preferences as well.

11)               Grilled Chicken With Red Eye BBQ Sauce

Prepare a customised sauce for a better taste. This recipe takes a lot of time. Then, apply, and it is better to work in parts. Marination plays an important role.

12)               Yoghurt Marinated Grilled Chicken with Harissa

Add cream to the regular grill. Do not load up a lot since it takes more time to soak. Yoghurt can also be used in the curry later on.

The Much-Needed Bonus

Wish to grill a perfect chicken? First, you need some experience with this. A “perfect grill” doesn’t necessarily mean a clean-looking chicken. All that matters is the texture of the most profound areas. Follow a simple mantra – it should be cooked from one end to another such that all parts are equally soft. For beginners, there is a bonus tip – stay patient with the grill. It is a bit exciting to watch it change into its perfect texture. However, changing the intensity is always a bad decision. The secret ingredients to a perfectly grilled whole chicken are patience, patience, and patience.

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