Expert Grill Premium Portable Charcoal

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The expert Grill Premium Portable Charcoal is the perfect grill for small family on a small budget.

There is a plenty of room cook including raided rack for corn or your favorite vegetables. The next time you cook can be on this grill.

The Expert Grill Premium portable Charcoal Grill is not flimsy. With it being charcoal that keeps the price point of this grill under $60. Cooking with charcoal it can be messy, but with the front being a stain steel tray securely all the nasty dust way from your guest.

With being stain steel makes it easy to clean. May seen small but you can cook up 12 burgers. Being 4 legs instead of 2 that makes this grill more firm and more.

And with fold out table all your food and cooking utensils are easily within reach.

You don’t want to get it rusty no worries with the 2 handles on the sides makes it easy to lift it and take back to storage.

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