How To Clean A Charcoal Grill Grate

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After a long summer of grilling and cooking, you might be wondering how to clean your barbecue grill. 

Keeping your grill grates free of dirt, grease, and residue is vital in creating that perfect juicy burger or chicken strip. By cleaning them after every time they’re used there’s no chance that a nasty smell will transfer into the next meal you whip up because it’ll be fresh! 

There are many different options that can satisfy the requirements for a clean grill. The best way to deep clean it is by using boiling water, dishwasher soap, and aluminum foil! 

Deep Clean Grill Grate

How To Clean A Charcoal Grill Grate

  1. First, place a piece of aluminum foil in a large tray and place the icky grate on top so that the aluminum makes contact with all surfaces
  1. Next, fill an empty pot or pan with boiling water and add about two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. 
  1. Pour the pot of liquid over your grill and leave for up to seven minutes depending on how dirty your grill is – if it just needs a quick rinse then five minutes is enough time but if not then you may need more than one session. 
  1. Now it has cooled, carefully lift the grate using rubber gloves and tongs, let it cool down before removing the foil and disposing in appropriate waste containers outside- nothing should go into drains or toilets!
  1. Next give it a final scrub with a wire brush or steel wool to remove any stubborn stuck bits in the grooves.
  1. Were nearly done, rinse thoroughly with soapy water and dry.
  1. Then pour some vegetable oil onto a paper towel or cloth, rub both sides of the grate until covered then allow them to air dry before storing them away for next year’s use!

Other methods worth mentioning:

  • Purchase an abrasive cleaning pad and scrub it with soap and water on one side while using steel wool on the other side. Make sure to cover all surfaces of the grate in order to make sure they’re cleaned thoroughly.

This can be hard work!

  • Use oven cleaner either by spraying it onto the surface or brushing it on with a soft bristle brush; let it sit for ten minutes then wipe off excess icky brown gunk from your   grates surface.

This may be the easiest way but not very nice using chemicals!

  • Running them through the self-cleaning cycle on your oven

You’ll still need to give them a bit of a clean first

  • Stick the grate in your dishwasher!

As above you’ll still need to get some of the crud off first and it might not get it squeaky clean.

Rusty iron grate of barbecue grill

If your grill grates have got wet and gone rusty try using salt to get rid of the rust! 

First, follow the steps above, then sprinkle table salt all over the grates before scrubbing with a stiff brush – don’t worry, it won’t be salty when you taste your grilled food!

If you don’t have enough time for some elbow-grease then make sure to store your tools near the grill so they’re always at hand- including pan scrapers; all this takes is one swipe across those dirty surfaces!

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