RevoAce-2burner Space Saver Gas Grill

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RevoAce-burner Space saver Gas Grill is the perfect grill for a small family on a budget.

There is enough room to cook for 4 people including a raided rack for corn your favorite vegetables.

The next time cook can be on this grill.

The Revoace-burner Space Saver is plastic not flimsy sheet. With being gas the price point it’s over $100.

This grill has rest place for the gas tank to sit on. It comes with temperature this allow you see what temperature your grill is on. With 2 flats one each side this would allow have the meat one side ready to be grill. Other you can have all of your favorite ingredients or utensils.

With front a basket you have what any sauce or other ingredient  within reach. With sides flats that can be up with the grill is use but your done using side flats can down easy for storage you don’t have to worry about taking lot room.

It also comes with small wheels for easy maneuver in out and the storage or around your patio.

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