Testing A Perfectly Grilled Steak

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We’ve all been there before – we want to cook a delicious grilled steak for dinner, but when you go to cut into it and take a bite, the meat is still pink.

It can be frustrating if you’re not sure if your steak is done or not. But don’t worry! We have three ways that will help you know if your grilled steak is ready to eat or not: the flip test, using an instant-read thermometer, and judging the color of juices on top of the meat.

Using a fork to feel the tenderness of the steak 

I’ve heard that one of the oldest tricks in cooking is to use a fork when checking how tender your steak has become. This might sound strange, but it’s actually really easy! Just poke at the meat just enough so you can feel for some resistance and see if there are any tough bits left over from cutting or anything else.

Cutting a piece of the steak

Another way to check if your steak is ready or not is by cutting a piece open and checking the color of juices on top. If they are clear, then it’s likely that you’re done cooking it!

1. cutting a piece of steak is one of the most famous tricks in the book. 

2. This trick lets see you how tender it is also let you see if red inside. 

Using a thermometer to check the temperature

Digital thermometers are a wonderful advancement in simple grilling tools. They are useful when you want to check the temperature of your food without cutting into it and potentially ruining that beautiful sear, or just for not having to use a steak knife on yourself!

To measure with an instant-read thermometer: 

1. Get a digital meat thermometer

2. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the steak, not touching any bone or fat

3. The center should be between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Remove from grill when it reaches the desired temperature 

5. Let rest for 10 minutes before cutting to allow juices to redistribute throughout the meat

Look at both sides of the steak is a brown looking color

This is the flip test. When a steak is flipped, the side that’s down should be brown in color. This means it has been cooked for long enough on one side to become tender and juicy.

To check with your finger:

If you poke into the center of the meat–it feels soft when poked–then it means it’s done cooking! If not, continue cooking!

What is your favorite way to test if your steak is done cooking?

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